Par ailleurs, la version 4.9d de Bibble, notre dérawtisateur chouchou, règle en même temps que de nomnbreux autres petits soucis, le problème rencontré par certains dans la version plugin de Bibble utilisée avec PhotoShop Elements. En effet, Bibble existe en application indépendante mais peut aussi s’utiliser en Plugin dans Photoshop.

Voici la liste, en Anglais, des corrections de cette mise à jour de Bibble 4.9 :
Added Shooting Info back to PS plugin (Shift-f10)
Added: Support for Leica R8 + DMR
Added Photoshop Elements 5.0/4.0 install
Fixed bug in Noise Ninja support that could cause crashing
Fixed black line on right side of image when Noise Ninja is enabled
Fixed problem with PS Elements plugin « unsupported file »
Fixed import of IPTC info in photoshop plugin
Fixed DPI when using photoshop plugin.
Fixed missing ARW files in PS plugin.
Fixed bug that caused two JPEGs to be created when RAW+JPEG support is enabled (Linux)
Fixed bug preventing deletion/rename of Sony A100 files.
Fixed bug that vignetted heal spots in the preview image.
Fixed bug that caused the D70s not to be recognized by lens correction.
Fixed bug with selecting « close » Noise Ninja profiles when the exact profile isn’t available.
Fixed bug with spot cursor mode and selecting the white/gray/black points.
Fixed bug with HR slider not updating the image preview.
Fixed bug with batch queue JPEG settings and German language translation.
Fixed bug with tool reset not being saved if the reset was the last correction.
fixed gallery bug: safari and Row style, no horz scroll bar
fixed gallery bug: IE and Row style, occasional jump back to first image
fixed hotkey issue: had to press CTRL+O twice to open
fixed localization issue: Batch Settings panels not fitting in translated versions
fixed localization issue: Many additional translation strings added
Fixed bug when batch queue destination was « relative » and path had a drive letter (Windows)
Fixed memory leak and crash related to generating thumbs.
Fixed memory leak related to BlackAndWhite plugin (even if not used)
Fixed d2hs FW2.0 camera white balance
Fixed black line on 400d xti
Fixed memory leak/crash related to sony a100 files
Fixed problem with D200 Fw2.0 cams.(And probalby d2x as well)
Fixed problem with Sony A100 and Leica DNG files on macintosh.

Lens Correction:
Added Pentax K100D and K110D cameras
added Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 LD







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